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Pillsbury Child Care

Alexandra is situated 18km north east of Johannesburg and it’s a neighbouring suburb to affluent suburbs like Sandton, Bramley, Kew and Lombardy. Of the townships in the Johannesburg area, including Soweto and Tembisa, Alexandra is the poorest economically and because of the overcrowding and poor infrastructure.

Alexander represents the extreme of urban difficulties in delivering comprehensive, quality health care and social services. In more than trying times the Alexandra Disability Movement works to promote the integration of the disabled people into society through effective development programmers.

Disability issues were used in the struggle for the rights of disabled people but also in the broader struggle for equal opportunities. A concerned group of disabled people in Alexandra — some partially blind and some who walk with crutches — do not believe in waiting for handouts and pity from able-bodied people. They say disability does not mean inability. The Alexandra Disability Movement (ADM), which is situated just outside Alexandra in Kew, accommodates 139 disabled people. The ADM was formed in 1986 by four concerned groups of disabled people. They are also running a day-care centre for 48 disabled children and create jobs for disabled people.

Pillsbury Child Care is a beneficiary project which is affiliated to ADM. Pillsbury Child Care is a centre for children with different mental, physical and intellectual disadvantages which include speech defects, vision impairment, deafness and cerebral palsy.

Toyota SA donates funds to Pillsbury Child Care every year and in 2015 donated a brand new Toyota Quantum for the organisation to use as their main mode of transport.


You can view this website for more info. http://www.alexandradisabilitymovement.co.za/