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The Digital Enterprise Programme

The Digital Enterprise Programme offers a dual learning environment with an eLearning and a workspace component. The eLearning component contains theory and content and makes use of text, videos and voiceovers. The workspace component retains the highly interactive and action learning nature of the Digital Enterprise Programme. It’s here where learners organise data, write up their business plan, manage their sales and production targets, manage both fixed and variable costs and draw up their final income statements.

The aim of the Digital Enterprise Programme is to equip young people with the necessary skills to establish a business, improve their employability and improve their capability to enter tertiary level education, specifically in business, management and commercial disciplines.

Each group meets once a week for three hours and works through the programme over a 12- week period.

The first three weeks consist of a general introduction to small business and covers the basic business skills such as:

  • Financial planning
  • General management
  • Stock control
  • Pricing
  • Marketing and sales
  • Sales of the company shares
  • Market research


In addition, learners undertake various activities while practically setting up and running a real small business. During weeks 4 to 12 the group undertakes the following activities:

  • Product, service or retail activity selection
  • Voting in of the management team
  • Production process, service delivery or retail activity planning
  • Final pricing of the product/s, or service
  • Actual production, service delivery or retail activity
  • Financial control
  • Stock control and ordering of raw materials and/or supplies and products/services for sale


In the 12th and final week of the programme, the mini-company is liquidated, salaries are paid out to learners and the share price value is calculated, with dividends paid out.

Learner Testimonials:

Assistant Financial Manager: Joy Nobela

“It was so good to be part of the JA South Africa programme. Being with JA South Africa was such a good thing to me, even my company members learned a lot. I have learned many things and how to start and run my own business. I desire to be a financial Manager now, after being exposed by the JA South Africa to the financial team. The programme has boosted my confidence to do things for myself and on my own. Being part of the JA South Africa programme has assisted with my Business Studies at school by providing me with better understanding.”


General Manager: Kim Baloyi

“Bek-Tien Enterprises, would like to thank Toyota and JA South Africa for giving us the opportunity of gaining knowledge about business skills and how to start business. We would like to also thank our facilitator, motivational speaker. Mr Bonga Khumalo for being with us throughout the programme. “


Accountant: Pretty Mavasa

“I have experienced a lot of things, this programme has helped me to know and learn how to do a business and how I must do to achieve my goals in the business. In my Job description I have learned a lot about being an accountant. Though, we did not make the profit we wanted to make, I now know to record and update the accounts and financial transaction in a company.”